Easy Hands and Arms

Taught by Cliff Smyth, CFT

These lessons have been developed by Cliff Smyth based on his experience working with people with overuse injuries - also known as repetitive strain injuries or repetitive stress injuries (RSI), carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, etc. There are 12 easy-to-do lessons - done either lying on the back or sides, with a couple of lessons in sitting. Most focus on the connection between the arms and the rest of yourself: finding ways to have the support of the legs, pelvis, spine and ribs to reduce the strain for the hands and arms. image of easy hands and arms cdSome lessons focus on finding greater comfort with fine motor co-ordination of the hands and fingers, and between the eyes and the hands. All have been thoroughly field tested with Cliff's clients and students with repetitive strain injury at the Feldenkrais Center for Movement Education.

In designing these lessons Cliff has drawn on his own experience of injury and recovery, as well as 15 years of working with people with hand and arm pain and dysfunction. While these lessons are designed to help prevent hand and arm injuries, used with care, they can also be of great benefit to those who are currently experiencing hand and arm pain.

12 lessons on 6 CDs in 3 volumes: Price $80.00
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Set includes brief instructional booklet.

image of easy hands and arms cds, booklet and cover Lessons include:

  1. Turning & Twisting
  2. Your spine supports your arms
  3. Moving from shoulders & hips
  4. Reaching with a soft hand
  5. Eyes & Hands
  6. Lightly lifting the arms
  7. Shoulder & hip circles
  8. Easy opening & closing
  9. Turning the arms together & opposite
  10. Softening the wrists
  11. Reaching & rolling
  12. Circles with elbows & shoulders.

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CLIFF SMYTH: Easy Hands and Arms

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