Lessons To Go!: Volume 1: The Primary Image

Taught by Deborah Bowes, PT, CFT and Cliff Smyth, CFT

These Primary Image lessons explore a concise image of the body that we can use to improve our perception in action. They will leave you feeling longer, wider and more comfortable in your body. Deborah Bowes and Cliff Smyth have chosen for recording some of the lessons that most help people refine and improve their body image in action.

image of primary image cds

Moshe Feldenkrais said, 'we act in accordance with our self image'. These lessons will help you enhance your self image through sensing, imagination and movement. They clarify key points of articulation in the body: the shoulders and the hips, the five cardinal lines and directions of force: the arms, legs and spine - to help you move with less effort and more fluidity.

In the process of exploring this image, you will find ways to organize your center - the spine, abdomen and chest - to enhance the movement of your limbs.

image of easy hands and arms cds, booklet and cover This series is especially suitable for those with some experience of Feldenkrais, or other movement approaches such as Yoga, Pilates and dance, providing you with new tools for learning.

4 lessons on 2 CDs in 1 jewel case: Price $28.00

Lessons include:

  1. Diagonal pressing and lifting
  2. Five directions
  3. Lengthening with the hand on the knee
  4. Lengthening the legs and the back


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