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Deborah Bowes on Chronic Pain and the Feldenkrais Method

Deborah Bowes on The Pelvic Floor: Health and Awareness

Interview with Deborah Bowes on her Pelvic Health and Awareness Workshops

Jenni Drew on Empowering Your Pelvic Floor

Cliff Smyth on Repetitive strain injuries and the Feldenkrais Method

Cliff Smyth on The Primary Image

Deborah Bowes and Cliff Smyth on Models of Medicine and the Feldenkrais Method

Some recommended sites:

Cliff Smyth's life and well-being coaching website: Positive Edge Coaching.

Deborah Quilter's site on Repetitive Strain Injuries

A resource for people with chronic pain the American Chronic Pain Association

For information about the Sounder Sleep System® of self-help for insomnia and stress, and the Sounder Sleep® School of San Francisco

For more articles and information about the Feldenkrais Method and its applications:

Feldenkrais Center for Movement Education (FCME)

Institute for the Study of Somatic Education (ISSE)

Feldenkrais Educational Foundation of North America (FEFNA)

International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF)

Physical Therapy & Feldenkrais New York City

Dennis Leri: Semiophysics site

Rob Black: Somatic Journeys

Lavinia Plonka: Movement for personal development

Wendy Murchoch: Murdoch Equestrian Method


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