Deborah Bowes, PT, DPT, GCFT

photograph of deborah bowes Deborah Bowes is a Physical Therapist and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher with over 40 years of experience in the field of therapeutic movement. She completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2010, in which she researched her Pelvic Health and Awareness Program.

Deborah maintains a private practice at the Feldenkrais® Center for Movement Education in San Francisco, now celebrating their 25th year of helping people recover their movement and improve the quality of their daily lives. She also practices as a PT and Feldenkrais Practitioner at the Stanford Coordinated Care clinic. Deborah teaches regularly in Columbia, Sweden and Australia, training the new generation of Feldenkrais Teachers.

She developed the Discover Easy Movement and Pain relief program for the injured workers at the Delayed Recovery Center of Kaiser Permanente in SF and in her work with a rural pain program in northern California.

To develop the Pelvic Health and Awareness Program she reviewed current research and exercise programs, and developed new lessons based on her extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the Feldenkrais Method®. She is passionate about helping to reduce the unnecessary, and often silent, suffering of so many people with pelvic floor issues. She has presented the material and taught the lessons in this program many times in her popular public workshops. Discover Deborah's ideas about pelvic health: read her pelvic health article. Or read an interview about her pelvic health workshops.

Deborah's teaching style is easy to understand, and stresses the value of being gentle, both in how you move and how you feel and think about yourself. Her work is informed by her long study and practice of Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga and more recently, belly dancing. Her Awareness through Movement lessons have helped hundreds of people feel better and move better and can help you, too.

Cliff Smyth, PhD, GCFT, NBC-HWC

photograph of cliff smyth Cliff Smyth, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher has had a private practice in the Feldenkrais Method® for twenty-six years, in Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco at the Feldenkrais® Center for Movement Education. He has completed a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University. He is also a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, working part-time as a coach.

Cliff has helped many young and older writers, computer programmers, musicians and others with arm and hand problems to return to the work they love. His Easy Hands and Arms lessons draw on his work with many individual clients and his public classes for people with hand and arm injuries. You can read articles by Cliff on Repetitive Strain Injuries and the Feldenkrais Methodrtfr on the Repetitive Strain Injuries articles page.

His practical and meaningful approach has also helped a wide range of people with many different needs and interests. As a poet, he is interested in the relationship between language, embodiment and society.

Cliff has served on the Board of the International Feldenkrais Federation - the UN of Feldenkrais profesional organisations - including six years as President. An Assistant Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method he has taught in Feldenkrais teacher training programs and continuing education seminars for Feldenkrais practitioners in the USA, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

His work is enriched by his twenty years experience as a high school teacher and workshop leader in industry, adult and community education, and the arts. He has presented injury prevention and occupational health and safety, stress management and writing workshops using the Feldenkrais Method in many contexts. He has been a presenter at the '12th International Conference on Thinking' in Melbourne, Australia, the 'Body, Mind, Spirit Conference' in Santa Clara, and the School of Education at UC Berkeley.

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